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10/04/07 Combined EA Degree


The brethren on Dunnís Rock Lodge and Kedron Lodge came together in Brevard to perform a double EA Degree. One candidate was from Kedron Lodge and one was from Dunnís Rock.



Worshipful Master Rick Harbin conferred the first half of the degree and Brother James Weddington Freeman finished up the second half.



As is the custom in all regular and well governed lodges a healthy does of fraternal fellowship precedes the meal.



Brother Jimmy was quick on the draw and managed to beat everyone to the serving line.



This is an aerial view of the brethren enjoying their meal.



After the degree dessert was just the ticket to encourage more fraternal fellowship.



A great time was had by all. In all over six different Lodges were represented at this evenings gathering and the brethren of Dunnís Rock  and Kedron Lodges wish the thank them for making this event such a success.