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Last Stated Communication


The last 2007 stated communication of Dunnís Rock Lodge was well attended. The brethren really came out to spend time with Worshipful Brother Rick at his last full meeting. This would also be Most Worshipful Brother Bobís last full meeting as secretary. The usual business was transacted along with a bit of levity, but, alas, all good things do come to an end.


As MWB Bob reads the final minute of the year.


Worshipful Brother Rick reflects on the yearís accomplishments and counts the gavel raps left in his year as Master.



Finally we arrive at the final rap of the year. Well done Worshipful.


In attendance were some of the Past Masters who had the distinct privilege of serving with MWB Bob. Pictured above are (from left to right)

(back row) WB Dana Hawkins 2006, WB Rick Harbin 2007 and WB Tim Waldrop 2000.  

(front row) WB Keith Harbin 2005, WB Tony Fisher 2001, MWB Bob, WB Geoff Shepherd 2004, WB Jeff Owen 2003,