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2006 Cave Degree in Tennessee

On August 19th 2006 a group of intrepid brothers from Dunn’s Rock Lodge went on a Masonic field trip to Tennessee to witness a 3rd degree conferred in a cave. The following are photos from the excursion.


The brethren in attendance from Dunn’s Rock Lodge were, from left to right; WB Randy Taylor, Brother Dick Harmon, Brother Bob England (standing) Brother Aaron Whitmire, WB Keith Harbin (pith helmet), Brother Tyler Galloway and Brother *****.


WB Keith is quite the spelunker and came well equipped for cave exploration. The same cannot be said for WB Randy who suffered a near concussion and found that his “canvass committee” failed him miserably.

WB “Bush” Laughter was in attendance along with several other brothers from Saluda Lodge #482.


The brethren from Dunn’s Rock and Saluda after the degree.