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2007 Installation of Officers

Installation 2007


The new officers take their oath.


Worshipful Brother Rick Harbin is invested with the apron and jewel of his office by the Installing Marshal Worshipful Brother Ben Fisher.


Worshipful Brother Oscar Harbin, Installing Master, presents Worshipful Master Harbin with the gavel.


Worshipful Brother Oscar Harbin charges Worshipful Master Rick Harbin with the duties of his office.



The out going Master Dana Hawkins presents Worshipful Brother Rick Harbin with the charter of Dunnís Rock Lodge #267.



Brother Aaron Whitmire was installed Junior Warden.


Worshipful Brother Rick Harbin presents the out going Master Dana Hawkins his Past Masterís apron.


Worshipful Brother Tony Fisher delivers a wonderful rendition of "Danny Boy".



Most Worshipful Brother Bob Hinshaw presents Past Master Hawkins his Past Masterís certificate.


Worshipful Brother Oscar Harbin presents Past Master Hawkins his Past Masterís lapel pin.


Dunnís Rock Lodge #267 Officers for 2007


The officers of Dunnís Rock Lodge #267 for 2007 are from left to right; Front row, Bill Craig Junior Steward, ***** Senior Warden, Worshipful Brother Charles Richard Harbin Master, Aaron Whitmire Junior Warden, Most Worshipful Brother Robert Hinshaw Secretary, Back row, Richard Harmon Treasurer, Tyler Galloway Senior Deacon, Frank "Mac" McKee Junior Deacon, Worshipful Brother Richard Heber Tyler and Jerry Dean Mann Senior Steward.