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Master Masons Degree


On April 19th 2008 a Master Masons Degree was conferred on four candidates at Dunnís Rock Lodge #267. Here the Brethren are seen gathering before the first section.


Some of the Brethren on hand for the festivities were, from left to right: Transylvania County Sheriff Brother David Mahoney (one of the candidates), WB Tim Waldrop, US Congressman Brother Heath Shuler, WB Randy Flack and Rutherford County Sheriff WB Jack Conner.



More of the Brethren on hand were Brother Larry Mahoney, Brother Sherrill Hubbard and Brother Bud Whitmire.


The ďThree AmigosĒ were cooking up something else and I donít think it was breakfast.


From left to right are; front row, Brother Thad Sanders, Brother David Mahoney, Brother Aaron C. Whitmire (Conferring Master) Brother Aaron G. Whitmire and Brother Jeremy Queen; back row, Brother Larry Mahoney and WB Dana Hawkins (acting Senior Deacon).


The second section was conferred by a degree team in full costume. There were Brethren from Dunnís Rock, Kedron and Saluda Lodges involved in making this a memorable Degree.


The newly raised Master Masons (front row) are seen here with WB Kieth Mann (Master 2008 conferred the second section) and WB Dana Hawkins (acting Senior Deacon)


Yes, Brother Aaron did confer the degree in an Official Masonic Kilt. As you can see there were costumes aplenty at this Degree. Brother Aaron also presented the Master Masonís Lecture in an outstanding fashion.