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Awards Night 11-13-08

On Thursday November 11th 2008 we celebrated two very special occasions at our regular stated communication. We presented two Endowed Membership Certificated and honored 165 years of collective Masonic service as the following photos illustrate.

MWB Bob Hinshaw and WB Joe Burkel are seen here receiving their Endowed Membership Certificates from Aaron Whitmire SW as Bro. Jerry Mann SD looks on.



Picture here are three Masonic Service Award recipients. From left to right is Brother Burley Edgar McCall 50 years NC, Brother Richard James Nash 55 year Fla., and Brother Robert Garwood Wilkinson 60 year NC.



Brother Wilkinson receives his Diamond Jubilee from WB Dana Hawkins PM as Brother Jerry Mann SD looks on.



Brother Nash receives his certificate and pin form WB Dana Hawkins.



Brother McCall receiving his certificate and pin from WB Hawkins.



The honorees in the East with Worshipful Master Kieth Mann PM.


From left to right Brother Nash, Brother McCall, Worshipful Master Kieth Mann PM and Brother Wilkinson.