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Boiler Replacement Project



Early in 2010 a local business donated a modern energy efficient boiler to Dunn’s Rock Lodge. We have been implementing an upgrade of the Lodge’s insulation and windows to improve our facility and save the Lodge money in energy bills. Work began in earnest in late September of 2010 to remove the old boiler and in stall the new one. Below is a time line of photos of the process;



The old boiler prior to the beginning of removal.










After the first day of work. 1460 pounds of steel was hauled to the recycling yard.

Beginning of the second day of work.


Sparks were flying thanks to Mr. Mark Frizzell who is an employee of WB Leroy Richter and he is also a Master of the cutting torch.





By the end of the second day of work on removal 2000 more pounds of steel had been removed and the old boiler was gone to the scrap yard.

By the end of the third day the form was built and rebar installed to pour the cap on which to place the new boiler.


WB James Self, WB Keith Harbin, WB Sam Gagliardi (Saluda), Brother Fred Tinsley, and WB Kieth Mann were hard at work pouring the concrete slab on Saturday 10/9/10.

Great job Brethren, let it set for seven days and then we can install the new boiler!


New Boiler set by the Boiler Gremlins 10-15-2010


Boiler work is completed except for the flue and final inspection. Soon the lodge will have heat again THANK to a lot of dedicated workers for putting this together for the lodge.

Mr Mark Frizzell and WB Leroy Richter installing the Flue pipe one of the last parts to be installed before completion.

WB Mac Mckee doing a little touch up paint on the new pipes.


Installed and running for Emergent Communication tonight 11-04-2010. It is 50 degrees outside so it will defiantly be needed.