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"A Lewis"


By Bro. Joe Burkell, PM

 Presented to the Lodge on January 11, 2001

What is a Lewis?

The term Lewis is used in certain Masonic Jurisdictions to refer to a certain individual.  The Lewis is also a working tool.

In early times a Lewis was an iron tool used by stone masons in lifting large stone blocks in the construction of walls.  The Lewis grips the stone block firmly when hoisted by a Derrick.   

I have a small model of a Lewis that I fabricated from a description of what the tool looked like.  { A demonstration was given to the lodge on the operation.}

The tool and the term are very old.  The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania uses it as a symbol of strength.

Masonically the word is used to denote the under age son of a freemason.  It is said "The strength of a mans later years is in his sons."

In England a dispensation my be obtained to permit the initiation of a lewis under 21 years of age.  In Scotland a Lewis can be initiated at age 18.

In North Dakota a Lewis may apply to a lodge before he is 21, but can not be initiated until he has reached a mans estate.

A classic example of a Lewis being initiated in this country is George Washington, who was only 20 years and some months of age when he became an Entered Apprentice in the lodge at Fredericksburg, Virginia on November 4,1752.

This research material was taken from a Short Talk Bulletin, Provided by the Masonic Service Association of the USA Dated April 1995.

J. Burkel PM