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Master Masonís Degree 11-15-08

On Saturday morning November 15th 2008 Dunnís Rock Lodge #267 delivered the Master Masonís Degree to four candidates. The Degree was preformed in full costume. Breakfast was served at half time. We were honored to have with us our DDGL WB David Cochran and several Brothers from Cliffside Lodge # 460.


Pictured above is the entire degree team consisting of members from various lodges within the 38th Masonic District.


The newly made Master Masons are picture above with the Worshipful Master. They are from left to right Brother Chad Owenby, Brother Greg Cathcart, Worshipful Master Kieth Mann PM, Brother Ira Smith and Brother Chuck Owenby.


The Brethren from Cliffside Lodge #460 managed to procure the Traveling Gavel from Dunnís Rock Lodge by having the most visiting Brethren at this Degree.


It is not complete until the final paperwork is done. WB Keith Harbin Secretary (in the red shirt) of Dunnís Rock Lodge is shown here signing the new Brethren up and getting their credentials in order.


We had a wonderful time and look forward to enjoying plenty of Masonic fellowship with our new Brethren.