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10-27-07 Shrine Club Breakfast


Nobles Richard Heber, James Self, and Kieth Mann are some of the early birds getting the food ready.


Noble Kieth Mann and Daniel Hernandez were hard at work to make the event a success.


Some early patrons of the event.


Nobles Bob Hinshaw (back to you in the fez), Fred Tinsley, James Dodson (standing), and Master Rick (seated facing you) enjoyed a wonderful breakfast to benefit the children.


Still having a good time.


Noble Richard, his lady Cookie, and lady Mary Rogers worked hard to make this event successful.


Noble Kieth Mannís lady Rhonda and Noble James Selfís lady Barbara sold the tickets and had a great time doing so.


Noble James Self with Noble Jerry Mannís lady Chesnie, guess who is the Shrine Clown! Noble Jerry worked his heart out on this event and it showed. Congratulations!


Brother Mac is hard at work in the dish tank. Masons and Shriners combined their efforts on this event.


Noble Aaron Whitmire, Shrine Club President prepares the sausage for the oven.


Here is an aerial view of some of the patrons attending this year.


Thanks to all who helped make the Shrine Club Breakfast a Success.