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Stated Communication 10-25-07


On 10/25/07 Master Rick conducted a very entertaining meeting with some very special moments.


At the end of the meeting Master Rick called for the Senior Deacon the escort Brother Fred Tinsley before the East and informed him…….


That it would be necessary that Fred serve as the Worshipful Master while Master Rick presented his officers with tokens of his appreciation.


Acting Worshipful Master Fred filled the Chair admirably.


Master Rick thanks Brother Jerry Mann for an outstanding job at Senior Steward this year. Brother Jerry served with distinction in several places and the Junior Warden’s station as well as conferring a degree this year. All while seeing to his duties as Senior Steward and serving as the Transylvania Shrine Club VP. OOORAH! Brother Jerry.


Master Rick expresses his sincere appreciation to Brother “Mac” McKee for his tireless efforts as Junior Deacon this year. Brother Mac was invaluable in the project to make our lodge more energy efficient; he was always there to assist, doing more than his share. He was instrumental in several degrees this year and did “good work”. Brother Mac was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident going home from the lodge after a work day and yet here he sits a few short (or long if you ask Mac) weeks later enjoying the Masonic fellowship. He is an inspiration to us all.


Master Rick is seen here thanking Worshipful Brother Kieth Mann for ALL he has done this year. Under difficult circumstances he answered his lodge’s call when a new Senior Warden was needed. He also spearheaded the building committee and was the Master Mind behind the window project. Our new sign on the front of the building was hung as a result of his tireless efforts and we will soon be enjoying fans in the downstairs dining room thanks to WB Kieth. Did I mention he is our coach at all of our practices?


Pictured here is Master Rick and Worshipful Brother Richard Heber, our Tyler for this year. WB Richard’s support has been unending even during his sickness. WB Richard is a true “bridge builder” as are all of our officers this year.


Brother Aaron Whitmire receives Master Rick’s thanks for a job well done. Brother Aaron was an outstanding Junior Warden. He conferred several degrees, some of which he also gave the lecture for as well. He traveled to several of the lodges in our district to assist them by giving various lectures. He is working on becoming a Certified Lecturer as well. All while starting a new career. His zeal for the craft is admirable.


What can be said of the “BEST DANG SECRETARY” in masonry? Master Rick says thank you to Most Worshipful Brother Bob Hinshaw for his unbelievable efforts this year. MWB Bob provided a tremendous amount of support and data for the “Past Masters” project, completely reorganized the records of the lodge and still maintained the highest standards of work as our Secretary. If we were to commit to paper all he does for or lodge it would be too voluminous.


Worshipful Brother Keith Harbin is an example to us all. He gives of himself so freely to our lodge. Besides being heavily involved in the energy update projects of the lodge WB Keith is the Assistant Secretary, he has presented some of the most interesting Masonic Education programs, he’s always there to lend a hand on various other projects and without a doubt presents the most memorable Masonic Memorial Service one could have the privilege to see. He’s an exemplary PM.


Brother Dick Harmon is seen here being congratulated by Master Rick for a job well done as Treasurer of our lodge. Besides the duties of Treasurer, Brother Dick has made countless trips to visit our sick and injured brethren as well as assisting them with rides to doctor visits and other necessary trips. He is also quite the painter. On work days at the lodge he is there, more often that not with paint brush in hand making our windows look good.



Now Back to Brother Fred in the East. Master Rick expressed his sincere appreciation to him for his tireless efforts “behind the scenes” that make our meetings and degrees so successful. From the preparation room to Senior Grand Warden, from Junior Steward to Senior Warden and all points between Brother Fred is always there to help. Master Rick wanted to add a station to Brother Fred’s résumé and asked him to close the lodge tonight. It was very special for all of us to be there.


Master Rick, you have had a good year. Your lodge has accomplished a lot under your guidance. You have led with humor and with firmness. The bridge that others will have to pass after you is in better shape because of you. Thank you for your “Good Work”.