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The lodge room with a lot of cracks in the insulation on the windows. The 2" of insulation was installed in the windows in the early 90's by Worshipful Brother Boyce Galloway. Which helped the lodge for several years on the energy savings, but as you see over time the insulation has turned loose and we are loosing a lot of energy through the glass. It is time to make a more permanent fix.

In the mid 90's Kieth Mann pm painted the windows 1/2 way down in the dinning room to block the bright sun from coming into the room. As you can see the paint has started to peal off the glass. So the effect is not working anymore. It is time to make this a more permanent fix too.

James Self pm has spent several days scraping the old paint off the windows to get them ready for the new panels.

With these panels and at least 2" of insulation added to the windows. We should be a lot more efficient with our energy cost for several years to come.

Here are 2 panels already installed in the dinning room. Painted by Brother Dick Harmon, and with 2" insulation behind them.

Here are a couple of panels installed in the lodge room before the blinds are reattached. Behind these panels are over 4" of insulation for energy efficiency and sound proofing from outside noises.

Here you see Keith Harbin pm installing one of the layers of insulation on the windows. I think he needs another ladder.

Worshipful brother Keith get help from Brother Mac McKee and installs the heavy panels. Brother Bob England is busy trying to clean up after us. It takes a lot of people and work to install these panels


Here we have some of the windows in the dinning room work in progress

Work has progressed better then expected thanks to the great help of the members.

Even looks better from the outside