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Did You Know That?


  • The Revolutionary War was a distinctly Masonic enterprise.
  • The first assembly of the Continental Congress was presided over by a Master Mason, Peyton Randolph, Provincial Grand Master of Virginia.
  • The Boston Tea Party was Organized in St. Andrews Lodge at an adjourned meeting and that every "indian" that threw tea into the harbor was a member of that Lodge.
  • Paul Revere, who made his immortal ride, was Junior Warden of that Lodge.
  • The man who set the lantern in the Old South Church, the beacon of the Revolution, was also a member of St. Andrews Lodge.
  • Fifty of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence were members of the Craft.
  • All but one of the members of the constitutional Convention were Masons.
  • Richard Henry Lee, who moved the resolution of Independence in the Continental Congress, was a Mason.
  • Lee and all five members of that committee - Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert R. Livingston - were member of the Fraternity.
  • The American Flag was made by the widow of John Ross, a Mason, and was placed in the hands of George Washington, who was elected Grand Master of Virginia but did not accept because his duties as Commander-inChief of the American Army absorbed all his attention and energies.
  • Washington took the oath of office as President of the United States upon the Bible brought from St. Johns Lodge No. 1 of New York.
  • The oath of office was administered by Chancellor Livingston, who at the time was Grand Master of Masons of New York State.
  • The Governors of every one of the thirteen orginal states at the time Washington was inaugurated were all Brothers of the Craft.
  • The Constitution of the United States was authored by Masons.
  • Free speech, free religion and free schools were the gifts of Masonry to America and these were opposed by all anti-Masonic groups.