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Masonic Astronauts

According the the Masonic service Association the second most frequently asked question is:

Which Astronauts Are Masons?



Edwin E. Aldrin Montclair #144, Montclair, NJ
Leroy Gordon Cooper Carbondale #82 Carbondale, CO
Don F. Eisele L.B. Turner #732 Columbus, OH
Virgil I. Grissom (Deceased) Mitchell #228, Mitchell, IN
Wally M. Schirra Canaveral #339 Cocoa Beach, FL
Thomas P. Stafford Western Star #138 Weatherford, OK
Edgar D. Michell* Artesia #28 Artesia, NM

Paul J. Weitz

Lawrence #708 Erie, PA

James B. Irwin Tajon Lodge No. 104 Colorado Springs, Co
Astronauts Who Have Fathers Who Are Or Were Masons

Allen Sheppard

Vance Brand*


John Glenn*

Anthony England


William Pogue

Neil Armstrong

Edgar Mitchell  
* Former DeMolay